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Monday, November 21, 2011


So there's a new mortal kombat out; kinda late I know.  But whatever.  Here is my review:
First of all it looks really good! 

The idea is that it's set in the past, so it's like an homage to the old games.  Those are the ones I liked.  Perhaps the game will never be the thousands of times better that it was then but this is a must have for a fan like me.  Except I'm kind of strapped right now and it's ultimately unimportant.

The graphics are much better, and so it's like the best of what it used to be and what it can be, without too much strategizing and new ideas.  At least that's my opinion.  I came across an article that said mythologies was actually good but wasn't as popular because of bad reviews, but I never bothered with it because of the bad reviews. .  (link)

You can obtain downloadable characters (DLC) and other stuff I think.  

Oh and also there are babalities.  whatever.


and this

So all and all I think I'll get it!  

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  1. MK revived from it's ashes in the last year with the videogame and the clips in youtube.