This blog is about computer software (and other things that come to mind to keep it interesting) --- my fascination with it as something with an almost "divine" potential, almost in the same way I see music. Also, it's a glimpse into something that is probably foreign to you and that you wouldn't know about otherwise. Somewhere in the dark corners where I hide. You see I am the last philosopher. And the only reason why I allow this at all is because I made a kind of mistake in my life and also realized kabbalah (which made clear to me that whatever I'm doing in this life, however solemn, is relatively unimportant), so interesting turn of events since I deviated from my path to the stars and ended up here. I'm shamelessly promoting myself until I'm capable of an old seriousness and can look back on this to see what it meant. (also to try blogging and experimenting with socializing a bit to see what I'd not have any other way or reason to find out about)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Check this OUT!!!!

I learned something today.  As soon as you get energy in life you have to use it purely/solely to help others, bring them up too―simultaneously (no waiting, no order! No egoistic intention?).
And then you will deal with the unfriends (animals/parasites) who don't understand this, but you will see more clearly the value of the effort. 
And to all those who compete!:
Making a point of things (life conception of "right") means you're just defending yourself; it's better to be honest with yourself―that's when you'll be the most creative.  Otherwise you'll find you're at a loss of strength for the things you make a point of. 
To be successful you must get to a place where you can rest, in which the best of you becomes natural, and you "might" have to steal to get there (so no saying you're "pathetic" or that you're "bad").

(pathetic and bad; two birds with one stone!)

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