This blog is about computer software (and other things that come to mind to keep it interesting) --- my fascination with it as something with an almost "divine" potential, almost in the same way I see music. Also, it's a glimpse into something that is probably foreign to you and that you wouldn't know about otherwise. Somewhere in the dark corners where I hide. You see I am the last philosopher. And the only reason why I allow this at all is because I made a kind of mistake in my life and also realized kabbalah (which made clear to me that whatever I'm doing in this life, however solemn, is relatively unimportant), so interesting turn of events since I deviated from my path to the stars and ended up here. I'm shamelessly promoting myself until I'm capable of an old seriousness and can look back on this to see what it meant. (also to try blogging and experimenting with socializing a bit to see what I'd not have any other way or reason to find out about)

Saturday, October 29, 2011


if anyone wants to know the truth about life then here it is:

from the logical perspective life is not about the little things, but about power, or a quality beyond anything cumulative (anything that can be held or pinpointed).  it amounts to something invincible (link), creative and infinite.
from the emotional perspective life is about the little things, the small countable meaningless things because in them lie the little people, or the masses, and in becoming competitive, petty, and stupid like them you in a sense show them love, and become a part of a greater emotional wave that has the potential to be all inclusive.
to sum up the absolute truth cannot be described but from these two perspectives we are able to approach it; there is a purpose to everything, and so nothing in particular matters, but it seems we must approach the dismal prospect (as it seems to us) in order to come face to face, as it were.

money is only a representation of what's of real value, and the only thing of real value is the quality of people's lives, while this depends entirely on their relationships.  money is only the organization of a process of exchange between people, something we manage but that reflects something of true value, nothing in itself.  the notion of profit reflects the corruption of our egoism, and tyrannizes just as much as seduces, deceiving the weak.  it is necessary to invest only as much as is needed, and never risk anything beyond our current capacities, but our greed makes us reckless, and then we form corporations without the scope for the level of detail that reaches the bottom and true efficiency, forcing us to make up for that with slaves and optimism, pushing on our basic rights.
it's unnecessary to send out surveys to find out what people need.  the only thing that is necessary is to be efficient, so that the things that need to be dealt with become apparent, and the only thing that is a focus should be the quality of people's lives within the corporation, so that the company becomes like a living monument unto the world, and this is of the greatest value to us.