This blog is about computer software (and other things that come to mind to keep it interesting) --- my fascination with it as something with an almost "divine" potential, almost in the same way I see music. Also, it's a glimpse into something that is probably foreign to you and that you wouldn't know about otherwise. Somewhere in the dark corners where I hide. You see I am the last philosopher. And the only reason why I allow this at all is because I made a kind of mistake in my life and also realized kabbalah (which made clear to me that whatever I'm doing in this life, however solemn, is relatively unimportant), so interesting turn of events since I deviated from my path to the stars and ended up here. I'm shamelessly promoting myself until I'm capable of an old seriousness and can look back on this to see what it meant. (also to try blogging and experimenting with socializing a bit to see what I'd not have any other way or reason to find out about)

Monday, October 17, 2011

You want to read my blog?!!!!! Youu GOT IIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

Okay.  Guess what I had another thisty day at work today; work really sucks.  You know why?  Because it's slavery.  A job is really the illusion of security of a discouraged nature that does not appreciate it's place in the economy.  But there is no security except the genuine concern of people who are not as unfortunate, which is lacking!  But not non-existent, which is why there is some good and things don't just fall apart.  There is corruption in the world but it appears to be like the dying cells of our body, only a destructive thing in total ignorance of its great purpose.  This is the nature of egoism, and calculating profit, which is what every advantage is doing in this deficient system!  Pushing each other down!  Encouraging a world that pushes you down!  It will ultimately fail miserably.  We can all hope for that!  It will be a spectacle at least.
So anyway the corruption in the job is evident in how dumb people like to make a point of optimism, but it would be responsible to be efficient, and to organize things in such a way that the problems and areas of improvement become obvious, instead of ignoring precisely these small details that would streamline things, and constantly look for new strategies and techniques!  Roll your fcking eyes at the little things and still strut about optimistically because you want to get promoted, because you know how to engage the competition.  When you really just want to fit in--don't lie!  You're not responsible!  It's not what really matters "on the inside."  DON'T LIE. 

Anyway the lesson is that the things that make a person competitive are the same things that make them indolent sentimental fools!  Like a gangster and his religious nonsense. 
No offense to gangsters, and not just because you'll kill me, but because it's not about right and wrong; I just have a lot of hostility.  To hate someone is simply to be angry, like a pinprick.  To get away from them is to no longer hate them.  That's what I'm trying to do.  In fact if you avoid moral interpretation you can easily love the people you once hated if you can simply get away from them.  Everyone needs their space!  But gangsters are in a sense more honest expressions of the nature of how things are in the world.  Everything is very aggressive, masked in pretensions and overconfidence.  Everything is a fight, hatred even, ready to choose ourselves over anyone else.  "The beginning of homicide."  it's no harmless thing to be a coward (*ahem* christians).  Everybody is a part of this.


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